Basics of Digital Marketing

I am assuring you that while going through this article you will get to know the basic fundamentals of digital marketing and it won’t waste your time as it’s the most valuable asset of anyone’s life.

I will make sure to add values in your marketing life as I believe without the basics of anything we can’t go deeper into digital marketing.

This article is for a digital marketing freelancer, budding entrepreneurs, social media managers.

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First of all, I would like to ask you a question:-

  • What is Marketing?

According to the dictionary definition, it is

the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

But according to me

It’s the act of finding the customer’s requirement in your niche and suggesting the best products developed by you which could help them out and satisfy them with the best quality of your products.

  • What is the law of Marketing?

Marketing is something that you need to be keen to learn as it’s not a dish that anyone can eat.

While marketing your product you can convince people by buying your products but the most important thing is that ask yourself whether you as the customer will be satisfied with the quality of the product as it is always important to keep your customers satisfied with your products.

Imagine if you gain 1000 customers with the marketing of your product and you keep your customers satisfied with your products and you solve their queries with the best customer experience, they will refer it to their friends as well as family members. Suppose for an example let’s take each of your customers refers to 10 other customers which in turn gains you 10000 more customers and this chain goes on without even marketing further but with the best customer experience.

The most important key point is

Marketing is not that important but the most important thing is your product which satisfies your needs which will be self marketable by your customers.

The most important thing is to keep interacting with your customers and building personal touch with them which builds trust (the most important key things in today’s world) among your customers because if you lose that then you won’t be able to regain those customers as well as you have to spend more on marketing.

Marketing is all about targeting the right audience at the times of their need. It is all about the perfect timing and delivery of the products.

Suppose you imagine yourself looking out for a refrigerator and a refrigerator brand approaches you through the means of marketing then there are high chances of you buying that refrigerator as you already have high customer reviews and the product satisfies you.

  • Personal Branding

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It is a term which most of us think to be very difficult but trust me it’s not that difficult to build your own personal brand. I am telling you all the shortcuts about how to build a personal brand.

  • Niche Selection

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Your niche selection is the most important thing in personal branding. Select a niche with fewer competitors in it and always make sure you stand at least in the best position because people always remember the best not the second best.

  • Customer Satisfaction

The most important thing if your customer is satisfied with your products which in turn helps you make the best in your niche because if a customer is satisfied he/she will definitely tell other people. This is also known as mouth to mouth marketing.

  • Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
  • The major difference between these two marketing platforms is the target audience.
  • Traditional marketing generally focuses on each and every individual of the country and in digital marketing we can target the audience who wants to buy our product or who are willing to buy.
  • Traditional marketing has a lot of disadvantages like you can’t contact your customers or you cannot give a follow-through but in case of digital marketing, we can do the follow-through which makes it 90% higher chances for the target audience to buy our products.
  • Digital marketing can also target a richer class of our society as everyone has a digital platform may it be mobile phones or internet connection rather than having a newspaper supply or magazine supply which is the means of traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing can be much more beneficial as we can target the audience specifically on age groups, also the ones who generally earn and spend.
  • The CATT Marketing Funnel

It is the most important thing in digital marketing.

It stands for

  • C stands for Content:- If you have good content then you are the king of your niche because the content is what attracts your audience.
  • A stands for Attention:- Once you have excellent content you gain your audience’s attention which creates your customers attracted to your products.
  • T stands for Trust:- if you are able to gain the trust in your audience which is the most important thing which can help you generate leads.
  • T stands for Transaction:- It is generally used to convert leads into sales which is very much important because only generating leads doesn’t lead to sales.

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  • Integrated Digital Marketing

It is the key feature after CATT funnel it generally makes a cycle of everything in digital marketing which is the most important feature like you are getting your audience from paid advertisements to either your email list or social media handles or websites.

It generally is like a funnel where you have to pull your audience through any means may it be social media, email marketing, website.

It also lies in the quality of your content because it is the medium where you will be presenting yourself.

I have attached a picture of how integrated digital marketing works.

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  • Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

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It’s all about yourself and it’s all about how you represent yourself to your audience because trust can be built much more easily by showing your own face rather than representing yourself as a brand.

In the process of personal branding, the first and most important thing is that you should learn about the niche you have selected rather than start applying it to the practical world. After your application, you should work for someone who can help you build your personal brand than start writing about your learning and explain it to the people in a much easier way by telling about the dos and don’ts.

After that start giving advice to the people in your particular niche which can even gain you more knowledge.

Start teaching people and be their mentor which can help evolve more and more people in your area.

Now you can start your own start-up and get your audience in a much easier way because you have gone through the process of evolution which is the most important thing.

Last but not least I would like to conclude by saying:-

Sharing knowledge is actually gaining more amount of knowledge.

With this, I would conclude.

Hope you enjoyed reading my article.

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